Tuesday, June 21, 2011

June 21, 2011

I guess I don't really have anything to reply to this week. Thanks a lot for your email...haha. ;)

I feel like this week has been pretty uneventful. It's just part of missionary work, sometimes. Right now our main goal is to find some new investigators, since everyone is either 1) not progressing, 2) has disappeared for some reason or another, or 3) is Sofia and got baptized. :) So we spent 2 entire days this week going through our area book trying to call old investigators and contacts to see if they want to meet with us. It is crazy. Half of the numbers don't work at all, but we did find a few that asked us to call them in about a week or two and they might be willing. Right now it's hard because school is just ending/ended so people are in the middle of finals and vacations, so, of course, they don't want to meet with us until after that. 

Sunday was interesting. We went down to attend church in the little Podolsk branch. Sofia is actually in that branch, and the Podolsk Elders asked us to accompany her on her first Sunday there. The branch in Podolsk is soooo small, and the building is actually being remodeled right now, so there's really only one room. It is crazy, but it was nice. The sad part was that we missed our Kahovski branch--I mean WARD! (It's hard, since it was a branch for so long and the word is the same in Russian), including the organization of our bishopbric. 

We had a zone specialized training this week. Our mission has some lofty goals for the summer. We're continuing the goal of 120 new investigators every 4 weeks, and have a goal of 45 baptisms between now and the end of August (5 this 4 weeks--Sofia was the first, then 15, then 25). It's going to be crazy crazy, especially since that brings our baptism total for the year up to the total for last year, but our mission can do it. We also found out about transfers, which are TOMORROW! I'm staying in Kahovski with C. Hmelinina, but since she goes home in the middle of this next transfer, we'll be in a threesome with Sister Mordwinnow for a few weeks until C. X goes home. It should be a lot of fun--Sister Mordwinnow is great. She studied German, is a GREAT singer, and I'm super excited for her to be my companion. I'm just very glad I'm not a trainer--2 of my MTC-mates are training already. I'd feel ready if it wasn't for the language thing. I can't believe it's transfers again already, though. I am still getting used to the new companionships from this past transfer. Time flies so fast.

Other exciting things: We got English Liahonas this week. Wooo! I had been trying to read the Conference talks in our Russian one, but it just wasn't working as well. Plus, I found a picture of Elder and Sister Nielson in the newest one, with Elder Anderson in the Pacific. That was cool. And I got a wedding announcement from Lisa. :) :) :) And I got all the letters from the scouts yesterday, although the one Danny wrote was actually to Dad and there was an empty envelope with my name on it as well. Haha. And, my first visa trip is on Saturday! I'm excited to be with my friends from the MTC, to get a change of scenery and most especially for the TEMPLE! Whoo! 

Sister Rachel

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