Monday, May 21, 2012

May 21, 2012

I really don't have all that much to say. On Monday we had some great meetings--a wonderful babushka in our ward who plays the guitar and sings, but it actually half deaf so her guitar is out of tune, but it is the best thing ever; a cute family in our ward who's twin daughters are getting baptized on Saturday (I think it's this Saturday). Tuesday we had a great zone conference. President also told me about transfers. As far as I know, only me and Elder Ayers know what is going on. I'll be going down to Perovo, it's like the border of Moscow/small outer cities, suburbs, so like half metro, half train. I'll be in a 3some for 2 weeks--Sister Frolova, she was in the MTC with me and is from Latvia, goes home super early due to some schooling problems, and she'll be leaving 2 weeks into the transfer. My other companion will be the new sister who's coming in. So I'm bascially going to be shotgun training this crazy area. Should be fun. I'm really excited, especially to train at the end of my mission, and to be with Sister Frolova for at least a little bit, and just for a change. I love Zelenograd; yesterday in church, I realized just how much I love this ward and area and how much I will miss it--it really is home, but I am so ready for a change. I've learned on my mission that I actually really need change and enjoy it, to an extent, of course. I think it's a little different as a missionary than as a real person, just because you are learning and changing so much in a short period of time that if you're in one place too long it can be not the best sometimes...don't get me wrong, I'm so grateful that I've been here in ZGrad so long, that God decided I needed to serve half my mission here. But He has also definitely helped me get ready to leave. I hope that all makes sense. So anyway, I'm super excited. It's bittersweet, of course, but it will be awesome! So this is, for real this time, my last full week in Zelenograd.
On Wednesday we took our P-day and went to this super cool cemetary down in Moscow where a lot of famous people are buried--authors, poets, artists, war heros, political leaders. It doesn't even feel like you're in a graveyard half the time because the gravestones are so huge and like sculptures, it's more like an outdoor art museum. It was super cool. We also wanted to go to Lev Tolstoy's house while we were down there, but we didn't make it in time. There is just so much that I want to do in Moscow on P-Days before I go home, and i'm running out of time. Sister Peterson and I have been talking the past few days about it, with Sister Thrall, since she goes home only 2 weeks after us, about how it's coming too soon and it's scaring us to death. At least I have plans, and kind of know what I'm doing. But we definitely are all going to go to Sister Thrall's homecoming. That's going to be fun.
So yeah, we've had some other meetings with ward members, some babushki and stuff. They're great. Life is good. It's sooo hot here. It is amazing how fast the seasons change. I'm just barely getting used to spring. Sometimes we go to an area I haven't been to in a while and I don't feel like I'm in the same area because the last time I was there the lake was still frozen over and there was all this snow. And now everything is just all green and green and hot. We were playing soccer/gatorball as a district this morning, and just dying. Luckily the branch building just got some new, great air conditioners. (I don't know why I still call it a branch building, I haven't served in a branch for almost a year...oh, by the way, Perovo is one of the branches in our stake, so that will be a change...I haven't served in that small of a ward/branch yet--even before Kahovski was a ward, it was big, since it became a ward when the stake was formed).
Well, that's it. Love you all, the Church is true!
Sister Ashby

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