Monday, May 7, 2012

May 7, 2012

Last Monday we went and saw this cute cute family. They live out, not in Zelenograd, but in another little town, and they have 4 girls--12, 8, 8, and 6. Well, the twins aren't quite 8 yet. Their birthday is on Thursday. We're helping them get ready for baptism a little bit and so we just went to do a FHE with their family. And they're so adorable. All 3 of the little girls. We had a lot of fun playing with them (mostly them just running into the room and saying "Zdravstvuitye!", laughing and then running out again) and giving them a spiritual thought and talking and things. On Sunday, they asked us if we were going to come over again. :) So tonight we're going to see them again and give them another pre-baptism lesson. It's so weird how missionaries get kids ready for baptism here, but it's something the bishop asks us to help with...and I don't complain because they're cute.
We had interviews with President on Wednesday. He is so great. He also commanded me and Sister Thrall to take a sleep day. She especially has just been feeling so exhausted and I had also been feeling more tired than usual, and he just said that at this point in our missions, we just need to catch up on sleep, and that we needed to be obedient and pick a day (not P-Day) to just take off, sleep in, and spend then entire day just sleeping. So that's what we did on Friday. Sleeping in was soooo nice, and we just slept and slept and slept. And I have felt so great ever since. :)
Not really anything super eventful this week. Just more things from Russia: one time this week, there was all this noise...turns out that some of our neighbors were trying to break into this other apartment that no one lives in (it's been all sealed up and stuff). I was so paranoid that they were going to break into our apartment next. Later on in the day, we saw one of the guys who had been working on the door working on his own doorknob, and the doorknob was missing on the other door. So we came to the conclusion that they were just too lazy/cheap to go buy a doorknob, so they spent 3 hours stealing the doorknob from the other door. And we had a lot of coackroaches in our kitchen last night. I thought I was going to escape Russia without them, but nope. It's not that our kitchen is messy--please don't think that. We keep clean. It's that they're working on like a remont or something above us or in another apartment (we can hear it all the time) and so it drives them all out and into other apartments. It's a problem all over. I don't know...there have been a lot of little things this week that are like..."Yeah, I'm in Russia." But I can't remember a lot of them. It's just been a very Russia week.
That's about it. Not a lot of miracles in the work this week. Not a lot of anything exciting. Just normal. But we'll talk to you on Sunday!
Sister Rachel

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