Monday, May 28, 2012

May 28, 2012

Dear Fam Dam,

Well, it's kind of cooled off a little bit since the last zhar that was going on when I wrote you, and it's actually been cold in our apartment in the mornings. I think it's probably because I packed up my warm blanket and my long pajama pants a week ago when it was hot. But this weather is the worst--it's fine temperature wise, but it's been rainy and pretty moist, and since it's warm but not hot that means...mosquitoes. Ugh. I am still trying to understand the purpose behind them. I have at least 8 bites from just the past few days. At least it's not as bad as it was last year. But this week I did also have allergies for the first time in my life.

So, quick run down of the week:
  • Tuesday we went down to Moscow for Culture Night! Sister Thrall was super excited, because it was also her birthday. And what makes a better birthday than seeing the the Kremlin. How much more Russian can you get? It was really good too. I loved it. We didn't get home until late, of course, but I love love love Moscow, especially the center. And the balet was awesome, and there were a couple other districts there too and it was just a fun night.
  • On Thursday-Friday I had a split with Sister Horspool! This was super exciting because Sister Horspool is awesome. I mean, I am so grateful that I've served with all the sisters I have and will, etc. but I have just always wanted to be comps with Sis. Horspool. She was in the transfer after me at the MTC, so we got to know each other there, and she is just great. Right now she's one of the training sisters in Perovo, and we're switching places at transfers, and she and Sister Thrall will be training sisters up here. But we have basically been waiting to have a split or be comps or something since the MTC, so it was super fun to be her companion, if only for a day. And we all already knew about transfers, so it was fun showing her around ZGrad, since she'll be coming up.
  • Just been getting ready to go. I had my smaller suitcase ready to go by our split, and we just took it down then. I pretty much finished packing today. I don't know where I got all this stuff--I didn't have this much stuff when I moved here. Or maybe I was just better at packing it? No, I definitely have more. It's amazing how it all accumulates over time.
  • And I've just spent the past week visiting my favorite people here and things. Yesterday at church, Bishop invited me and Elder Ayers to bear our testimonies, since we're leaving and we've been here so long. (8 1/2 months for me and 10 for him). So many people came up to me and wished me luck and said they'd be sad to see me go. And SO MANY PEOPLE said that they hope that I find my "second half" and get married and live happily. Which kind of is making me freak out, because I realize that after I get home, that's the next big thing...getting married...scary. Sister Thrall and I have been freaking out about it randomly the past few days, because we realize how close we are to going home and what that actually means and we are both scared out of our wits to go back to all that stuff...anyway...I will miss Zelenograd so much. It's like my home ward. I mean, it's not like 18th all. But it feels like a home ward should feel like, to me. There are so many weird, quirky, crazy people that you just can't help but love. The next few days will be crazy, because we have so many meetings--2 tonight, 4 tomorrow, 3 on Wednesday. And there is just so much else to do and then my life gets turned all around. I am so excited to meet Sister Maxwell (my new daughter) and get into Perovo and just work work work and end strong. I love ZGrad, but I've been here too long. I'm too comfortable.
Well, the Church is true! Life is good. I love you all!
Sister Ashby

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