Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Hello again

Sorry it's taken me so long. We haven't had very constant internet access. It makes me grateful to have 1 pound/15 minutes now so that I can actually keep in touch with people.

Oxford was great. A student there, who graduated from BYU, named Ruth Eldridge showed us around, so we got to go many places that we wouldn't have been able to, such as the Old Library. Like the one in St. Mary's that they used before the built Baudliean Library and that the public is no longer allowed into. Or Hertford College during non-visiting hours. And such. I fell in love with the University, the town, and lots of the colleges there. It's beautiful. And I bought a hoodie, which I have wanted ever since we first got here to the UK. I don't even know why I didn't pack one, but I would have bought one in Oxford anyway.

Our next journey was to Jane Austen's house in Chawton and then a hike across beautiful fields to Winchester.. Another 25ish miles in 2 days. BTW, maple syrup, ice cream, and waffles are a glorious combination. The food here is wonderful--we eat so much, and now that we're not hiking as much, it's a problem. :) A delicious problem. Yay Custard Cremes and Digestive Biscuts and Pasties. Winchester Cathedral was my favorite Cathedral so far. It was awesome--quite the mix of architectural designs.

Isle of Wight! Tennyson Down is my new favorite place in the world. It was fun being by the ocean, church was fabulous, although the fireside was Rachel-show. It was my turn to give a talk (the topic was temples, yay!) but then Juli got sick, so I played all the piano songs too. But we went to Queen Victoria's summer home and Carisbrooke Castle and acted out the Lady of Shalot.

This morning, some of us went to the Down one last time to watch the sunrise, which was really sitting for 40 minutes in the rain, watching it get slightly lighter. After we crossed the channel, Christian left us. But now I must go and fill you up more later because my time is quickly running out.

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