Friday, May 8, 2009

Helvellyn and Wordsworth and Gingerbread, OH MY!

Yesterday we took a bus from our hostel to the trail head of Helvellyn, a mountain here in the Lake District and then hiked it. Woot. Very, very windy. At first we weren't sure if we'd be able to do it, because the winds were predicted to be around 75 mph at the top, but we got to the head and it wasn't as windy as predicted, so we decided to head up. One of the Englishmen John was talking to at breakfast said that to hike Helvellyn in that weather even, though, you had to have "balls of steel." And we did it! After we got past the 45 minutes of stone stairs at the beginning it was a piece of cake. Even though it was windy, we were basically all just glad that it was dry. We even had a dance party at the top. Good times. When we got to our hostel here, it's easily the most ghetto one we've been to, we had even more good times. Tiff couldn't figure out how to work the shower and then Kylie got stuck in the toilet at the same time and it was hilarious.

Today we hiked to town, Grasmere. There we went to Dove Cottage, where Wordsworth wrote his best poetry. I love Wordsworth. Then we hiked another 2-3ish miles to his larger, later house in Rydal, Rydal Mount, where we looked around and the gardens are fantastic. Then we went back to Grasmere to see Wordsworth and his family's graves and get really, really good gingerbread. We're all pretty exhausted now though, and are spending the rest of the night just chilling. I need to catch up on all my reading and then we have an essay due Monday that I need to start writing. Well, it's not an essay, just a thought paper. It's just so hard to actually sit down and focus on homework when you are in England!

The weather has dried a bit. It was even sunny while we hiked Helvellyn and a little bit in between random rain showers today. Hooray! But I love it here anyway. This trip just can't really be not awesome. If that makes sense. Because it does in my head. Woot. Hooray hooray! I LOVE ENGLAND!

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