Saturday, May 30, 2009

These are the best days of our lives.

Thursday was one of the longest and best days EVER. We woke up horrendously early because we had to leave at 6 to get to Stonehenge. Glorious. Better than expected. I had heard that it was overrated, but that's because you couldn't go up around the stones and such. Whatever. You just need to go early before they actually open. We had tons of time to do yoga and take jumping pictures and sketch and write and try to do backflips (that was Bentley, and he almost landed on his head...ooops). And then we went to Stourhead which was beautiful and wonderful and we decided that that is what heaven looks like. And then we drove some more and then John Bennion surprised us with a muggy 8-mile hike that was actually quite fun. Then we stopped at Milton Abbey, which was an abbey-converted to house-converted back to church for a boy's school. We sang hymns and had a great time just sitting. John Bennion had Matt and I sing a duet. He's wanted that for a long time. We did sound really good together. When we finally got to the hostel we realized that somewhere along the line a date got switched and so we were booked in two places on Saturday and nowhere that night. So it was a scramble, but we got it all worked out. 6 of us ended up taking a cab to Swanage, which was an adventure. But really. Thursday was probably the best day ever.

Yesterday and today we've just hung out on the beach. Yesterday was Lulworth Cove, which is gorgeous, and today we've been at Weymouth. Not quite as pretty, and actually quite a dirty town, but the beach is wonderful. Softest sand ever and the water was warm and when we were all there later on it had cleared out and we basically had it all to ourselves to eat fish and chips and run along the sand as the tide came in and jump. I also bought really attractive sun glasses. And then we had a party in one of the tiniest rooms ever and watched the Britain's Got Talent finale. Diversity won, hooray! :D

So here I am, in my bed in our bed and breakfast, using Lauren's computer because she is a nice roommate. Yay for free wireless. Best thing ever. Seriously. I don't know Britain refuses to have free internet. But they do have really funny commericals, especially the Domino's Pizza ones. But we do have church tomorrow and I want to look nice because Janet is letting me borrow her red shirt that looks really good on me because she is nice like that and we all know how attractive I am in red. And now that I am all sunburned-soon-will-be-tan/tan, I really want to look good. Sigh. Life is wonderful. I am in England. And it seriously cannot get any better. Really. I keep saying that. And it changes, but although it's different, it's still wonderful. Wonderful. Wonderful.


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