Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Round 2

Let's see how this goes this time. Dinner is over and now we're all just chilling here in the lounge before debriefing. No, that is not where we take off our pants (British for underwear, pants=trousers). It's our nightly meeting about how the day went and where we talk about plans for tomorrow. So back to the catch-up stuff.

Sat May 2 con:
On the way back from the top, some of us hiked down the back way, where it was even windier than the top. But it was a lot prettier. For the rest of the day (because by 3 in the afternoon we had already gotten back from hiking the mountain) we just chilled around. Our hostel was very cute and had a lovely view of the loch from the main lounge.

Sun May 3:
We had church in the lounge all together. It was probably the coolest fast and testimony meeting that I have ever been to. I love this group of people that I am with.

Mon May 4:
Coach to Wastwater. Stopped by the Ruthwell Cross and Hadrian's Wall. Favorite hostel ever.

Tues May 5:
Supposed to hike Scafell Pike, but it was too dangerous so we hiked over Styhead Pass instead. We all got soaked, even through our waterproof stuff. THat's what hiking through 4 waterfalls, a path overrun by the river and walking for 6 hours through a cloud will do to you. Pretty miserable afterwards, but fun during.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD! It was a nice, slow day. Castlerigg Circle, a nap, shopping and a post office, etc. We had fun. :)

And now my time's basically up, so it's definately time to go!

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Sleepydaddy said...

Thanks for the Birthday Wishes, Rachel. It was great to get the voice mail you left and to read about your adventures in the UK. Take Care. We love you!