Thursday, February 4, 2010

cuz when the roof caved in and the truth came out...

Someday, when I am married to a professional massage therapist (or at least someone who's excellent at giving massages), my back and shoulders won't hurt so much when I have a stressful week.

Someday I'll have time to actually make myself real food and not be disgusted with myself and maybe even go running/walking/whatever every once in a while.

Someday I'll be good at Deutsch.

Someday, when classes (mostly said Deutsch) aren't consuming my life, I'll actually have time to maybe post on my blog and see people for longer than 5 minutes in between classes.

Someday I won't be really emotional for no reason for, like, oh hey, months on end.

I'm not stupid enough to think that these all will happen at the same time, or that I'll ever really have time to do everything I want to, or that I'll ever get enough sleep two nights in a row (10.5 hours last night was heavenly and just the right amount...I usually like around 8-9, but since I was so deprived earlier in the week...unfortunately, it'll be back to something like 5 for tonight. My body can't take this anymore), because the more I get into life the crazier and more wonderful and more stressful it gets.

But someday, maybe I'll conquer 2 or 3 of these at once. Maybe. I hope?


TA Demings said...

oh hey, we don't have to get married, but I'd be willing to give your back and shoulders a massage. I decided (this may change of course) that I will go to massage therapy school in between the summer sessions of my graduate program. So, in a couple years I'll be a pro massage therapist :)
I'm not husband material, but maybe a friend who is a pro massage person is almost as good.

TA Demings said...

ps I love your blog. so cute!