Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Ten Moments


Here are ten moments/days I wish I could relive in my short life. Or I'd relive if I could? AKA my favorite memories? I guess? Maybe. These are also not in any particular order.

  1. Jive Night, 2005. My first, if you don't count Winter Showcase. The thrill of being on stage, especially during Mamma Mia...wow. I miss that. I want that adrenaline rush every day of my life. I miss choir--Jive and Chambers and just that feeling.
  2. Standing on top of Ben Lomond. I kept looking back on the way up whenever I was discouraged to keep reminding me to "BE ENCOURAGED!" And the top was so...stunning, filled with accomplishment. And if I was back on Ben Lomond, it would mean that the rest of the UK was lying at my feet. Also along with this one are that night when we all told stories in the lounge and then church that Sunday. Just being surrounded by those I loved, in a beautiful place, laughing and having fun and learning together.
  3. Seeing Big Ben for the first time. Interestingly enough, this is one of the moments I think of when I think of England. I was so excited, and definitely wasn't expecting it. Coming out of the tube and BAM! RIGHT THERE! So iconic, I know. And perhaps not representative of England for me, since I spent more time wandering the countryside in small towns and that's what's England to me (even though I LOVE LOVE LOVE London too, don't get me wrong). But Big Ben...I don't know that day I was so excited and trying to make the most of every moment I had left in England, and all of a sudden there were the Houses of Parliment right in front of me and I had to crane my neck to look at Big Ben and I couldn't stop smiling. That is England. The can't-stop-smiling part.
  4. That one infamous Clue game with Mom and Dad and Matt and Uncle Scott and Aunt Darlene, where everyone except Uncle Scott and me guessed wrong and it was hilarious and so funny and I would have won because I knew it first, but my turn was after Uncle Scott's. That's okay. I'd still relive it anyway, even if I still don't win. Also: multiple Rook and Settlers games with the fam and that Ashby family reunion at Bear Lake.
  5. Finding out my ACT score. I mean, the time I was in Washington and checked my score early while babysitting my cousins and screamed and dropped the phone because I was so excited.
  6. Thanksgiving Time, 2007. Smith cousins and Camille at our house in Twin. BYU vs. Utah Football game with Matt with the 4th-and-18 and jumping up and down hugging the girl next to me that I didn't know and haven't seen since and rushing the field. Dance party in front of the Canc. Other events from that weekend that I wouldn't really like to share on a blog but that were fabulous.
  7. Last Week of Freshman Year. Parties in Periodicals. Taking about 50 times longer to do homework because I was really talking to Sterling James Mason on MSN and making Angry Eyes at him and watching Katelyn sleep in the chair next to me and laughing at others watching West Wing and just whatever. Being obnoxious freshmen. Sardines and 15 people in a shower. Movie nights. Martinelli's. IHOP. Commandoes. Some of my best friends, who became my family.
  8. Going through the Twin Falls Temple open house. Um. Beautiful in perhaps every way imaginable. Whether it was that first time with my family where we walked into the Celestial Room and Leah had this huge smile on her face and said "Wow!" probably a little bit louder than she should have, even though she was just 4, or the time I went on my birthday, or the time after I volunteered and met Sister Lameroux where I was with all my Stake Leaders I have grown up loving and looking up to. I love the temple and this basically counts with my really great baptisms experiences, especially Twin with my sisters and London with England people.
  9. Being on the beach that one Sunday night in Weymouth. See this post here.
  10. Girls Camp 2007. Okay, definitely had it's not-so-great moments, but Julie, Julie Bastian; Harry, Harry Potter; Oozing Spleeniness; and good times with my best mate and Chip...this essentially encapsulates our friendship. I love them.


Michele said...

Beautiful, Rachel. A lovely idea.

Kimberlyjewel said...

Yes. The last week of freshmen year. Amen.