Thursday, February 18, 2010


This is my brother. His name is Matt and he is coming to BYU this Fall with me before I leave on my mission. He is a genius. As in, his AP Physics teacher put together a mock AP test for their final last semester. 116/180 = 5. He got a 175. Yeah. That's my brother. He's also in Jive and Chambers and is one of my best friends. I hope I'm one of his. I taught him everything he knows. Except physics. I don't know that stuff. But he's awesome and I am SO excited he's coming here and we'll get to have good times together. Definitely worth postponing my mission 4 months for. (And yes, I know I'm not supposed to end sentences with prepositions) :)

Also, I may or may not be slightly in love with a certain member of Vocal Point who I may or may not have actually never met in real life.


Lisa said...

I like the Vocal Point tag on the end. Also, isn't it great that our brothers are awesome and so much cooler than we are, yet they still think we're awesome too? I like brothers like that.

Whitney said...

Haha...member of Vocal Point? No need to have met him to like him! lol And many muffins for the cool sibling relationship!