Thursday, February 11, 2010

-What has been your favorite project in your work history?

I have been working up at the Humanities Ref Desk for just over a month now. It's starting to feel good; I'm starting to get the hang of things. But seeing this question made me think of the good times I've been having doing my training book. Okay, okay, some of it is boring. REALLY BORING. But I've also had adventures.

For example.

Right now I'm working on the subject guides. We have to find ones compiled by our humanities librarians, pick two, and then pick two books off of the guides we pick and write annotations on them. Sounds kind of dry. EXCEPT! our floor has AWESOME reference books that make all your wildest dreams come true. There's a Shakespeare encyclopedia that is fabulous. There is a DISNEY encyclopedia. (Both of these I spent at least an hour looking at...) There's awesome art books, and awesome language books (and online resources. This is one of my new favorite sites). There's even a American Cartoon encylcopedia, which lists ALL the cartoons ever put on TV in the US of A EVER. I am deeply indebted to this encyclopeida, because yesterday it helped me discover the name of a show I used to watch every morning before school called...wait for it...PRINCESS GWENEVERE AND THE JEWEL RIDERS. Yes. I seem to be the only one who has ever watched this show, as I couldn't remember the name and no one I've ever talked to has ever remembered it. But now I know.


So. Subject Guides = favorite work project ever. Partially because of the tv-show finding. Mostly because I just want to sit around and read all the reference books on the 5th floor. Yeah, I know. I'm a nerd.

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