Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Girl Power

Here in Regency 208, we've been reading our Wikipedia. Here are some things we've learned tonight.

Women are not allowed to serve on submarines in the U.S. navy. Or the British navy. Turns out there are only a few countries who allow it, Norway being the first in 1986. In fact, women were only allowed to start serving on U.S. Navy surface ships in 1993. 1993! I'm glad I live when and where I do. Not that I want to serve on a submarine or anything, but still. I'm glad that in 2012, they will at least start letting small groups of women officers serve on subs. Even though I believe that the divine role of women is in the home, we should be able to do whatever we want. We should be able to serve our country, get an education, and live our divinely inherent rights just like anyone else. If I want to serve my country on a sub, I should be able to, dangit!

"New Zealand is the only country in the world in which all the highest offices in the land have been occupied simultaneously be women." (from the Wikipedia article on New Zealand). I think that is so awesome. Whoo! That must be why it's one of the happiest countries with such a high standard of living. And why Wellington receives an annual 2,000 hours of sunshine. That's almost 167 straight days of sunshine. Wow.

Also. I forgot to mention yesterday that on my stats test, the last two questions dealt with...TWIN FALLS, IDAHO. I read it and started laughing. And then scoffed at the outdated population it mentioned. 35,000? Naw. It's around 42,000 now. Silly Stats test. Twin Falls Represent!


Kent Dodds said...

Hey Rachel,
There are way too many variables contributing to New Zealand's current "successes" for you to make the assumptions you're making :-P just had to through that out there :P

Tracy said...

Actually the decision to not let women on ships and subs wasn't actually a matter of discrimination as much as it was for their protection.

But I understand your argument and agree with it.

Rachel said...

Kent. Shut up. :p But that's said very lovingly. haha.

And Tracy, I know. It said so in the article on wikipedia. But none of us really understood the argument. We appreciate the concern though, and it must be a good reason if they haven't been smacked by a law suit by some woman wanting some sweet, sweet sub-loving. Meaning, of course, that she loves subs. :)