Saturday, May 22, 2010

My Brother is Such a Stud

Um. Is it really 2010? I guess so. Apparently. It's what the calendar has been telling me for 5 months. You know what that means? My little brother graduates from good ol' TFHS (said: Tiffhiss) on Saturday. So crazy. I can't believe it. It doesn't seem like 3 years ago since 2007 and it was me. See. Three years since this:
Senior prom, Angel Moroni being put on the temple, graduation itself, all those memories from senior year and high school...Really? Three years? Crazy. I just find it so hard to believe. And yet, completely not at the same time. There are things I miss about high school. Mostly this.
But most of high school I am so glad it's over. I am not living in the past and I'm happy with where my life is now. Oh so happy. Especially for the experiences I've had in the past 3 years and more so, the people I've met. Anyway. That is not what this post is about. This post is to awe about how my little brother (who is like a foot taller than me, okay, not QUITE a foot) is graduating. This is the kid who dumped a cup of milk on his head (accidentally) trying to be funny around the age of 4. This is the kid who I remember driving me crazy all growing up, who I remember when he used to be so much shorter than me and chubby. The kid who used to hate going to Jive shows and who cracked his head open falling down the stairs. You know, the one who squeaked, "Hi, this is Matt! Straight from the living room!" during a home movie. Once he kicked off my shoe during stake conference so, after much asking-nicely and fair-warning, I whacked him with it on the elbow and he passed out and fell into all the folding chairs in front of us. Well, that kid has turned into a stud. A water-polo-ing, tall, bass-singing, Jiver, Genius, still-somewhat-obnoxious, cool (because his older sister taught him everything she knows), handsome stud. This is him. On the right/in the front.
Now he is one of my best friends. I hope I'm one of his. I am so excited for him to come down to BYU in the fall. Whoot! GO COUGARS! There will now be two Idaho Ashby's at the Y--just as soon as one of them graduates. I was going to post pictures of us being awesome, but I guess there still copyrighted by Kerianne and not my family because I can't get them from her site like I can the other family pictures. So this one will have to suffice:
Congrats Matt. You're great. I love you.

All pictures in this post taken from my Facebook, except for the first one of Matt, which I found under pictures of him while FB stalking him. He is my brother. I'm allowed to do that.

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The von Niedas said...

Wahoo! I made it into your senior prom picture! It is hard to believe that was 3 years ago :)