Thursday, May 6, 2010


Today is happy.

It is NOT snowing here, unlike my poor family and friends who are getting snowed on in Twin and Rexburg.

I am listening to A Fine Frenzy, and the newer CD, Bomb in a Birdcage. Love. Especially the opening track.

Jessie is done with the Hunger Games, which means that it's my turn, and I am so excited to read this book.

It's a red coat day. And I look really good in red.

I'm speaking Deutsch with Mariah today--BUT NOT FOR CLASS. Double joy.

Garin gets home from his mission 3 weeks from tomorrow, and all the boys start coming home then.

I'm just feeling really happy about everything. I'm not thinking about certain things and places and events, and when I do it's not depressing. I love my job. It's beautiful outside. It's just one of those days where even the things that are usually obnoxious or annoying or sad just aren't.


Amanda Hufstetler said...

aww. I love those happy days. I'm so glad you are so happy :) Stay happy Rachel!

Julie said...

yay :)

Kent Dodds said...

Woot! :-) I'm glad you're glad! I can't believe everyone's going to start coming home now, it's pretty exciting! In the next few months, we wont know all that many people who are on missions (at least those who graduated with us!)