Thursday, May 20, 2010


I'm writing again.

I love writing. I love getting everything out and putting the puzzle pieces together and stringing words together in just the right way and finding that one perfect way to express what is running through your mind and heart at that very moment. It feels so good, but I had forgotten how hard organizing my thoughts is. If anyone wants to read about 7 single-spaced pages (as of now) and give me ideas about how to maybe organize it, please let me know. This would probably require you and me talking about my writing face-to-face (or as close to it as possible) and one-on-one. Oh, it's a personal essay, kind of more serious and very personal subject matter, so only serious applicants, please. Just kidding. There's no application. But really, if you're seriously interested in reading it and giving me good, serious, writerly feedback, post a comment and I'll shoot it off to you.

Goal: Having a full draft of this essay ready for writing group when my turn comes up in 4 weeks. I'm finally going to be assertive with myself and write and make progress on all these half finished essays. For real this time. Also, decide which picture(s) to use in a blog post quicker.

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Lisa said...

I like the pictures.

And congrats on the writing. What a good feeling.