Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Dear Weather,
Yesterday I awoke to a snowstorm that foiled my plans for reading on the grass, made me very cold and wet and was very out of place among all the spring flowers. Thank you for being 70 today, and try not to let the fiasco from yesterday happen again until at least October. Just because I've lived in Idaho/Utah for the past 12 years and am used to crazy weather antics does not mean I enjoy your bipolarness.
Wants Blue Skies and Sunshine
P.S. To quote Jordan quoting one of his friends: Dear Global Warming, Affect Utah.

Dear Ukelele,
Please fall into my hands so that Emma can teach me how to play you.
Not Ingrid Michaelson

Dear Emma,
When are we going to have our first Uke-German lesson?

Dear Friday,
Come quickly.
A very ecstatic girl


Michele said...

Wait, was there really a snowstorm in Utah in _MAY_? That's absurd!

Emma said...

dear rachel:

let's just go to lori's tonight. sound good? 8. hopefully she will be there

Tracy said...

That Jordan kid is funny. So are you Rach.