Saturday, June 5, 2010

Summary of the Week

Monday: Star Trek with Garin the Trekkie and an awesome drive back down to Provo
Tuesday: Awesome things I can't remember?
Wednesday: Pizza party, complete with throwing dough (lessons by Google, pictures taken on Jessie's camera, and therefore not available at the moment) and pizza covering every inch of surface of our kitchen. Then Alice in Wonderland in the Dollar Theater with Jessie and Sarah.
Thursday: A wonderful day in the temple
Friday: Seeing the wonderful Mr. Kenneth Daines in the flesh, shopping with Sarah Snow and getting great clothes, running into Mare at her work, having a "small, round-things" party with Jes, Sarah, and Emily while watching Stranger Than Fiction. Listening to Kate be cute about a date she went on (and will be going on).

I love my roommates. I love my other friends. I love looking cute. I love good movies. I love laughter. I love life.

Pictures from...temple, Star Trek, Pizza, Alice

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