Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Sunny Days

Do you know how wonderful it is to walk out of the library atrium after work when you are surrounded by Effies (Tristan's name for EFY kids) and people wearing backpacks who are probably going to go do homework AND YOU ARE NOT TAKING CLASSES? Pretty darn good.

My friends, summer is officially here.

It's been very successful so far too, involving sleep and showers and sun and making ice cream and watching the condensed version of Carousel and getting Bedknobs and Broomsticks from the library and wonderful scripture reading and the writing/sending of 6 missionary letters and Greek food made by my fabulous roommate Sarah and looking at wedding stuff while at work (as Tristan and Naarah are both getting married and it's contagious and Lauren, Sarah, and I just do it all the time) and playing soccer and frisbee at the same time and anxiously awaiting the Deutschland-Argentina Fußball game. Kate and I are seriously divided about this one, but my heart lies with Deutschland, especially now that USA and England are both out. On the agenda for tonight: Kate's mission call, eating the ice cream we've been busy making, reading, sleep, friends, folding laundry, and lots and lots of love.
(I love this dress and a couple others from Abella Bridal. Only beef is with the abundance of cap sleeves. Oh well--there are really some gorgeous dresses)

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I'm sorry I'm spreading germs.