Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Lying appearances: Way to go, Rachel! You have completed your homework for class tomorrow! You can now go home, relax, and have a lovely night! You are SOOOOOOOO AWESOME!

Reality: Sorry, girl, you better sit and hunker down. In one week, you need to watch a movie. No problem. How about read about 300 pages of Shakespeare slash intense literary criticism slash other school reading aka It'll take you about 5 bajillion hours? Manageable. BUT WAIT. And write 4 papers that, although short, need to be really insightful. Oh yeah, and take 3 reading quizzes. And do some other random assignments. And work about 20 hours. And maybe (hopefully PLEASEPLEASEPLEASE) have an interview with the stake. And attempt to have a social life by eating lunches and dinners with your roommates and old friends, and spending time with your boyfriend maybe, and just you try to have fun and get a full night's sleep and yes. MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA. End of evil laugh.

Calvin and Hobbes, Bill Waterson
If you can't read the comic, which is amazing, it starts with Calvin's teacher saying "Very good work, Calving. You got an 'A'." Celebration ensues, as I'm sure you can see. Then Miss Wormwood says "All right, class, books open! Next chapter!" and Calvin sighs. That's about how I feel. Friends, the real school is here. The past two weeks haven't counted. That stuff's all been easy. Here is where it gets . . . let's say . . . fun. Which it will be. That's just not the only word I'll use to describe it.

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