Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Ramblings on Current Life

Well, the first week of school has come and gone. Schedules are settling down and sinking in. The homework is normal, but still enjoyable. It will be interesting to see how overwhelmed I get, and how this actually being good at managing my time thing ends up playing out. I'll need to keep it up in order to see everyone and do everything I want to this semester. My lectures and workload are all EXCEEDINGLY awesome so far though. I'm not sure it's legal to enjoy school this much, but goodness . . . I just come out of my classes wanting to sit around my living room or a hostel, cuddled up in a mixture of couch and pillows and friends, sipping a glass of milk or hot chocolate and having deep discussions, intermingled with laughs. Yeah, sounds about right. Then there are the other enjoyable things that come along with the start of Fall semester. Football games, Divine Comedy, the mountains starting to change colors, seeing old friends and making new ones. I really can't complain about anything right now. I have the best people surrounding me in all aspects of my life. I am happy, feel like I'm where I need to be in life, and like everything is starting to come together the way they should be and in the way I've been waiting years for.

The only hard part about life is trying to juggle it all. Academia and work and social life. Finding nights when Spencer and I don't have class or work or homework or family obligations and can make the drive to see each other. Contacting and actually following through with plans to see other friends. Being home at the same time as all my roommates. Keeping up with my family, and maybe finding time to go visit them. Staying up on homework, while putting the gospel first. Soon I'll have a calling, and also hopefully soon I'll have my mission papers fully in (COME ON STAKE! HINT HINT!--because they definitely read my blog) and have a call and will be preparing to leave to serve the Lord. Not to mention getting enough sleep. It's a overwhelming, delicate balance. Just one thing too much and everything wonderful comes crashing down along with it. But the Lord will help me keep everything in perspective, under control and in check. I've come to far in life and worked too hard to get to where I am to let it all fall apart. That sounds cliche and perhaps like it's coming to early in life as I'm only 21, but it's true--especially since at this moment in time, so much in my future depends on everything that's happening. I'm at a crossroads, but to be honest, it's one I wouldn't mind staying at for a while.

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