Sunday, September 12, 2010


I've been thinking lots about my family today. And just so everyone knows, my family is THE BEST. They are funny. They are awesome. They are crazy and loud and obnoxious in a good way, just like me. Here is a bit about them. And yes, I am the oldest of a VERY large family. But they're great, so please excuse me while I talk about them and overload you with pictures of my genetically-blessed family that ROCKS.

Dad: Hard worker, caring, thinks he's funny (sometimes is), worthy priesthood holder, smart, logical
Mom: Beautiful, loving, most amazing woman, looks this good at 43 when she's had 9 kids (with another on the way), keeps everything running, patient
Matt: Stud, brilliantly smart in ways I'm not, swimmer, musician, well-rounded, funny, stubborn, firm in what he knows and believes, best Rook partner, one of my best friends, 18
The Bros
Elizabeth: fashionable, social butterfly, louder than me, gorgeous green eyes, musician, can do a great Becca impersonation, taller than me, great to talk to, 15
Rebecca: peacemaker, quietly funny, kind of an airhead, loves any living thing--animals or people, most giving person I've probably ever met, likes to learn and read, also taller than me, 13
Charlie's Angels
Michael: loudest one yet, Aryan child--only blond hair/blue eyed one, smart, loves to write stories and go to school, 10
Daniel: quiet, REALLY FUNNY, kind of moody but getting better, independent, good at designing things, loves to read, 8
Mike and Danny
Sarah: Danny's stillborn twin who I can't wait to get to know and who we love and miss
Leah: spunky, independent, very smart, smart aleck, funny, adorable, silly, loves to read and is excellent, singer, 6 going on 16.
This picture is Leah to tee
Hannah: cutest little girl ever and knows it, spoiled rotten, well-loved, also sings, trouble-maker, mischievous, likes bacon, 3
Hannah and Mom
 Baby: due in November, Mom wants to be surprised so no one knows what it is except Dad, we're kind of all pulling for a boy though, because as Leah says, we're "sick of girls!"

Now enjoy all these other pictures that I'm just going to dump on you because I love my family.
This is just the best picture because it encapsulates these 4 perfectly
All the sibs
All the Girls
Me with 7 of the best people EVER

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