Wednesday, December 5, 2012


I probably shouldn't be quite so emotional about this. But it just warms my heart and makes me miss my nametag and my mission in general.

Tonight I got home from a fun night a Guru's with Tracy and Danny. I open my facebook to be welcomed by the announcement that not one, but two, younger sisters of some dear, dear friends of mine were called to serve missions in Russia! One of them in MY MOSCOW! I screamed for joy and the longer I think about it I almost tear up. I remember when I got my call and the wonderful feelings I had and how I had no idea what I was getting myself into--what miraculous, wonderful beautiful time I would have. And how much I would fall in love with Russia and the Russians and their language and culture and just discover a part of my soul I never knew was missing.

So now I can't tear myself away from facebook. I'm telling Hannah all about Russia. I want to tell Beth all about MOSCOW! And I'm just reminiscing on all the greatness that is...well, this:

I was actually just thinking earlier today about how I've found a happy place and aren't missing it too much anymore. But now I have mission-call-envy. I want to go back. MOTHER RUSSIA!

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