Friday, December 7, 2012

Real-World Contacting

You would think that after 18 months of walking around streets trying to force myself to talk in a foreign language to everyone about something as personal to me as what I believe, that talking to other people wouldn't really be a problem.


I was always really bad at contacting on my mission, and now that I'm home . . . well, not much has changed.  I've realized that I have a hard time being social and making new friends. I have also realized that if I ever want to get married or even just be a good, productive member of society, I need to start talking to people. And, especially after inspiration from my lovely roommate Tracy, I have been making a special effort the past few days to talk to people--especially guys, no matter if I'm interested in them or not. Just noticing the little things to start a conversation, like we would on the metro or trains. Patron is checking out a ton of books on King Lear--"Oh, are you doing a paper on King Lear? I LOVE King Lear!" Or starting to talk with the guy who held the door open for me. Or the kid wearing a Russia jacket. That last one actually took a really, really long time. But guess what. Contacting is hard. No matter where you are, why you're trying to do it, or what language you are speaking in, it's just not natural. So wish me luck in my endeavors.

At least here in Provo people don't swear at me. :)

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Megan said...

Ah, hello fellow introvert. :)

I think you may have still been on your mission when I posted this on Facebook, but I love it.

Now, on that note: the weekend before I met Matthias, my good friend's mom told us that she prayed that we would be able to have fun guys to flirt with at the dance, and we totally did, especially her daughter. Then that Wednesday I randomly was home alone when I was saying my morning prayers, so I prayed aloud, and out of my mouth popped the words "And please bless that I will find an opportunity to flirt today". And I did. And I connived a ride across town with Matthias, whom I barely knew, and that was that. ;) Luckily he's an introvert too, so he totally gets me, but it takes being out there to get to know people and find those close friends.

So good luck! It's hard. Many of the good friends we made when we first moved here have moved away so we feel like we have to put ourselves out there again and it's hard. Good luck!