Friday, April 9, 2010

Any Way the Wind Blows


I feel a bit like this girl. She looks like she would usually be happy to be surrounded by books. And Jane Austen. And...yes. But now all the books have fallen off the shelves and she is trapped on a chair, backed into a corner, and can't get down. She has to read and write her way out, and as much as she loves it, she just doesn't feel like doing it right this very minute.

She must have a 10-page paper due at midnight tomorrow or something.

Oh wait. That's me. I bet this picture is actually me. Wearing a blond wig. But you know.


Julie said...

Oh, do I.

Lisa said...

Yup. Sure do. I wonder if it's a conspiracy among every teacher in the English a rite of passage in order to become one of "them"--aka, the literature [said with a sniff and a scoffing British accent] folk.