Monday, April 26, 2010

Back in Provo

I shouldn't still be awake. But it's hard to sleep in an empty apartment. It's my new apartment, just across the hall from my old one. And it's home (past, present, and future) to some of my favorite girls in the entire world but none of them are here right now. And since it's my first night in this apartment and I'm all alone, I feel a bit out of place. I miss my girls. But it's good to be back in Provo. I love this place. It was good to get away though. Especially with the people I did to the places I did. A completely non-stressful weekend full of Disneyland, Kristin Trichler, the Beach, the Sun, and happiness. Not much sleep though, and when I did it was restless and usually in the car. But so it goes.

It was a wonderful weekend. Here are the highlights:
  • "Watching for rocks," following the guidance of the road signage
  • Seeing Kris and picking her up from the street corner
  • Grocery shopping that was somewhat akin to what we did in England
  • My soul being a fat man wearing a top hat
  • Tiffany being a starving child and eating raw onions
  • California Screamin' with Tiff
  • Fireworks
  • Dancing to the band after the fireworks
  • Just being in Disneyland
  • Seeing Kris all dressed up in her Disney outfit
  • Being made an honorary citizen of Disneyland
  • Slipping down the font stairs in the San Diego temple baptistry
  • Street market
  • Panning for gold at the Mormon Battalion Visitor's Center
  • Napping and flying Katie's kite on the beach
  • Heather getting all excited about things from her mission
  • Hearing Tiff talk about her brother
  • Katie dancing to Backstreet Boys


Kent Dodds said...

Holly cow, sounds awesome. My favorite part was slipping down the stairs in the baptismal font. You'll have to share that story with me :-)

Michele said...

Ohh... I'm sorry your first night was a lonely one. Hopefully you felt our good spirit vibes there-- we've been sowing them for the last few years. Good luck with the new semester!