Wednesday, April 14, 2010

What I did today

  • Woke up late
  • Speed-walked up the hill while talking to Katelyn while carrying a 20-lb backpack and my saxophone
  • Made the most epic farewell card ever out of book dust jackets
  • Ate free pizza
  • Saw Kim, Amelia, Amanda, Katie, Lori, Katy...even if just briefly
  • Utilized every free minute I had to work on my conference paper on how Jane Austen is a Romantic period-wise but not genre-wise
  • Had a job review with my boss
  • Got a $0.20 raise!!
  • Worked more on said paper
  • Went to American lit, got a paper I wrote in 2 hours back with a happy grade
  • Worked more on said paper
  • Worked more at my job
  • Changed in the bathroom across from my desk on the 5th floor of the HBLL, where people like to eat and sleep and do homework and it's really kind of awkward BECAUSE IT'S A BATHROOM.
  • Worked more on said paper
  • Played in my epic band concert. Robin Hood was especially awesome.
  • Went home
  • Checked the mail
  • Opened and read my letter/s (same envelope, 2 letters) from ELDER STERLING JAMES MASON and SISTER JENN MCCALL, two of my favorite people in the world who are in the same district in the Germany Berlin mission and I love them and am happy they know each other and are on missions but I miss them
  • Worked like a mad woman on said paper
  • Swapped papers with Tana
  • Continued revising said paper
  • Turned paper in at 11:20ish p.m. (paper was due at 12)
  • Freaked out because I forgot to do my last Judaism reading response (also due by 12)
  • Read 10 minutes of online Israeli newspapers
  • Wrote 300-400 words on said newspapers
  • Emailed it off
Mission: Winter Semester 2010 regular classes
Status: Accomplished, with 7 minutes to spare


Tracy said...

That was epic.

Kent Dodds said...

Wow Rachel, Miss Productive! :-D

Tana said...

Dear Rachel,
I love your paper. And your face.
That is all.
Love, Tana