Thursday, April 29, 2010


Sorry I'm being so England nostalgic lately, but wanna know something slightly pathetic? I don't even remember crying because I missed England before. I'm pretty sure it might have happened (ironically, while I was still in England after leaving everyone at the end of the trip) and maybe a bit last summer. But I don't remember it. But anyway, today, I almost did. I was walking home from the HFAC around 6:30 and it was chilly and slightly breezy and the sky was grey and I had had an up-and-down day and was thinking about how a year ago today I was in Edinburgh--perusing the National Portrait Gallery, climbing Calton Hill and the Scott Monument, eating pasties, and listening to music at St. Gile's. And I almost started to cry. Reading back over my journal at the time I had a hard time believing it was real. I am once again having a hard time believing it was real. Sigh. Sorry about the melodrama. Goodness, Rachel, pull yourself together.

Some awesome awesome things happened today, though. Like the 2 random workers at Sugar and Spice who liked my green "shacket" (shirt-jacket, as Sarah dubbed it) and commented on it (one who was a boy). The cute guy in my Stats class who I recognized because I helped him at the desk as he was looking for a creative writing book last night. Actually enjoying my first stats class. World Music Cultures. Getting a new roommate, Natalia, who is from Ukraine. Not having to work. Free pizza. Dance parties to Beyonce in the kitchen while cleaning up after dinner. Speed Scrabble. Watching Sabrina, the "sacred movie" with lovely roommates and others. Waking up in the morning to dreams that seem almost real and make you happy for a moment, even if they make you freak out later.

Goodnight blogosphere. It's bedtime.

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