Thursday, December 2, 2010

Я не говорю, что я в любви

I should be doing homework. But it's so hard to focus on homework right now.

Real situation: All this homework and finals stuff to do in the next 2 weeks, along with my Visa application, and then crazy busyness at home in Twin getting ready to leave.
Ideal situation: Being able to apparate between Provo and Twin and not having school or work so I can spend the next 6 weeks just having fun with the people I love and want to be around before I take off for the next 18 months. And then after the best 6 weeks ever, I go to the MTC and then Russia for the best 18 months ever.

So we're attempting to blend the two by procrastinating homework by listening to Disney songs on YouTube . . . in Russian, of course! And then going to Cocoa Bean with Kate tonight.

As a side note, although Russian/Russia holds my heart now, I will admit, German is still very dear to me. I miss speaking it. And I miss England, because part of me will always be there too.

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