Friday, December 17, 2010

Turn Around

Last night was the last night in my bed in 208.
This morning was the last time I woke up to NPR with Kate and then had fun times with her.
I am at my last work shift at HumRef.
I didn't get to see lots of people I wanted to.
The Provo Tabernacle burned.
I'm going to do poorly on my Women Studies' final.
Other personal things in the lives of friends.
Saying bye to roommates and friends.

BUT . . .
I'm going home to see my family.
I get to spend tonight and tomorrow morning with Spencer.
I get three weeks with some wonderful friends.
Almost being done with finals for 2 years. 
Freshman-reminiscent pranks on two freshman friends
All the things I've been blessed with that make leaving so hard to do sometimes.
I'm going on a mission to serve the Lord and His children in Russia!

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