Monday, December 13, 2010


I have actually wanted to post a lot recently. Stories about my wonderful roommates and other friends. Bemoanings about my Pearl of Great Price final and packing (the bane of my existence, packing is). Celebratory statements of finishing papers. Little snapshots from the past week. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to, but not because I've been so crazy busy, because you know me, I can usually find time to blog before bed most nights. Rather, it is in deep sorrow that I announce the passing of my trusty computer Fred.

RIP Fred
Although many times I got frustrated and mad at him, we shared many good times and he got me through a lot. I must have written hundreds of papers, both assigned and personal, on his keyboard, thousands of conversations via his webcam and his internet access. He taught me countless, probably-useless facts (also via the internets) and traveled many places--to Idaho, to California, and back to Provo-home again, and helped me Facebook and goof off and write on this very blog. We even had many dance parties together, and he stored my memories faithfully through both pictures and typed words. His favorite hobbies were, in fact, Facebook, blogging, and writing--especially literary analysis and personal essays. His passing, although expected to be in the near future, was sudden and inconvenient, although some miracle kept him here for an extra 30 minutes until after my last Women Studies paper was sent off, and he was able to fulfill that last duty admirably and punctually. Despite these admirable qualities, after this week and especially after January 12, Fred will not be much missed. He joins his original power cord and battery and his old friend Lisa's twinner computer, along with many other loved ones, in technology heaven. Fred is survived by his sister (Nameless Cell Phone), his owner (me), and the last week of the Fall 2010 semester. Funeral services will be held sometime over Christmas Break, after a few, last and feeble attempts at resuscitation are performed. Fred, may you rest in peace.


Lisa said...

At least Fred and twinner are now reunited. I can only imagine how difficult it was for him to be the only HP PC in a mostly Mac apartment--twinner provided some company, at least. All the same, well done, thou good and Fred-ful servant.

Sarah said...

A beautiful ode to a well-loved friend.

Kent Dodds said...

Love it! Haha, that was great. I didn't know Fred much, but it's obvious that he was a helpful friend. He will be missed... For now.

T said...

Uh oh, I have the same laptop. How long did Fred last? Or in other words, when should I start planning funeral services for mine?