Friday, January 29, 2010


Sometimes I wish extended library hours were all the time. Because I'm only productive in the library now. I used to be able to be productive here at home, but I'm not. Or maybe I'm just not panicky enough yet. Which is weird, because seeing how my close reading of Tintern Abbey that I haven't even started yet(not difficult, just time consuming) is due in 12 hours and 5 of those I'm supposed to be at work or in class and lots of others of them I'd like to be sleeping...I should be panicky.

Eh. We'll figure it out. We meaning me. After I take a shower. And drink some milk. And sleep.

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Tracy said...

I totally agree. I get my second study wave around 11:30 which would be perfect except that's only 15 minutes before the library kicks me out. So not very helpful.