Friday, January 22, 2010

-Describe your favorite room in your house.

Otherwise known as, "I should be cleaning my room" and "Your house" being interpreted "my current place of residence."

My favorite room is my bedroom. Right now it is a mess. It is like this huge laundry monster exploded and ate the floor. But that is okay. I am cleaning it up, practically as we speak...or I type...? Anyway. I like it because it is me. And it is friendly and comfortable. The first thing you see, well, if you look down, anyway, is my jewelry box. It is big and looks like this, except the picture spaces are different and they are all filled with pictures from England. And then you look up and see my desk, with random quotes and pictures of the temple and some missionary friends and a Dove chocolate wrapper or two. One of them says FLIRTING IS MANDATORY. And then you look up and see more pictures of England and a Union Jack. And my bed is green and (when it's made) has awesome pillows on it. On my book shelf above my bed is a ton of British literaure. 4 Norton Anthologies.2 sets of Harry Potter. 26ish other books. Jessie always jokes that one day it will come crashing down on me in my sleep and BAM! DEATH BY BRITISH LITERATURE! What a way to die. :) And then I have pictures of my family and friends and messy things all the time everywhere. In my closet there are colorful clothes and fun scarves and all my shoes. And my dirty laundry basket. Except right now because it's on my floor full of clean clothes that I need to fold.

I like Jessie's side of the room too. It is very different than my side, but very Jessie and I love her and I love the fact that she lives in my room.

I also like the fact that Sarah Snow is sitting on Jessie's bed that used to be her bed and then was my bed and now is Jessie's bed. Because I like Sarah Snow. And my room.

Das Ende.

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