Friday, January 29, 2010

Can I get an "AMEN!"

It's Friday. It's Friday. It's Friday.

This week has been so long. Of course, every week is really, really long this semester. I know so many people who feel that way. Last night Michele and I were talking in German, mostly about how we are so tired and how German never ceases consuming our lives. I mean, I love German, but last night I was so fed up with it. In fact, I just went to bed and then skipped class today to write my close reading on "Tintern Abbey." I felt so irresponsible, but I just couldn't focus anymore. I had already studied German for a couple hours, taken a 90 minute German test, had a 15 minute conversation in Deutsch with Michele, done at least 90 minutes of dedicated, non-distracted homework...and I hadn't even gotten 1 page into my reading assignment and it was so late and I hadn't started writing about "Tintern" yet (I did know what I was writing on, however), and I wanted to go to sleep. So I did. And this morning I woke up, showered, started my paper, went to work, and then skipped German because I didn't get my reading done and because I really had to write this paper. So yep. That's that. I still feel really irresponsible and guilty. Hence this long justification.

Anyway. Eloquence is failing me right now. I am rather pleased with my paper on "Tintern" though. Especially considering I wrote the outline really, really late at night, the first half of it when I was half asleep at 7 this morning, and the 2nd half fairly quickly just now. But still. Trying to write this post I just feel like I'm rambling and rambling and rambling with no purpose. But there is a purpose. The purpose is to CELEBRATE FRIDAY!

Things that are wonderful about how today is Friday, in chronological order:
  • Getting to watch Bones
  • Sledding at Soldier Hollow with the Ward
  • Waking up sans alarm tomorrow morning
  • Sutdying Preach my Gospel with some of my favorite girls ever on Sat morning
  • House/Apartment hunting
  • (Hopefully) the BYU vs. Utah basketball game
  • Catching up on life
  • And many more...
Oh my goodness. I cannot wait to go tubing and then just sleep and sleep and wake up when I'm ready to and not have to force myself out of bed and still not really be awake 6 hours, a shower, 2 hours of work, a class, and a paper later.

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Tracy said...

I completely understand how you're feeling. I have three midterms and a paper and an entire book to read over the next week on top of regular homework and I'm kind of freaking out.

It's not just you, and I doubt it's just us. It's an epidemic. Call the president.

Love you, good luck with everything.