Monday, March 29, 2010

Deep, Calming Breaths


It's times like this where I wish that I wasn't taking 16 credits and working 17 hours a week, and where I wish I had been able to follow through with my (only half-reasonable, but still somewhat feasible) goal of research or writing on my conference paper for at least an hour a day. Because here we go, I need to have 4 pages due by tomorrow, and I can't just start writing it until all my research is done, and I am nowhere near close. Gah. Maybe we'll just change my writing style around and write a some really horrendous 4 pages.

I've decided that this summer I am taking a break. I know that I should at least work a bit, but right now I really just want to not really do anything. I am going to chill out around Provo and go up home to Twin a lot. I am going to go running and swimming and hiking and walking. I am going to sit in the MOA and outside on the grass and write write write. I am going to write personal essays and Honors Portfolio/Thesis things and just write for myself and catch up with myself. And I am going to read for fun. I am going to start my mission papers. I am going to go to the temple all the time. I am going to take road trips and laugh with my roommates and make good food and draw with sidewalk chalk. I am going to take time for myself and chill out.

Here is what I will NOT do this summer: pull, oh maybe 5 all-nighters in a row to write a conference paper and do a German portfolio and write an American lit paper and do all this jazz that I like doing, just not late at night and all at the same time. And be lame.

The end.

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Lisa said...

Good idea: Rachel playing and having a marvelous time this spring/summer.

Bad idea: Not doing the good idea.

Stick with good ideas, Rach. I sure love you, and I believe in you. :)