Thursday, March 25, 2010

I'd Rather Pick Flowers Instead of Fights

Songs of the Post: Dental Care and Cave In by Owl City

Well, here we are. Starting my 5th hour of German homework for today. Why do I let myself get behind again? OH YEAH. Beacuse I hate this class. Not the language itself. I love Deutsch. Just the class. AHHHHHHHHH. But alas, I also care about my grades (and the money they give me...) too much to just let it slide, so I force myself to catch up on homework.

Oh yeah. And then I have to do my other homework that's all due tomorrow. I just might die. It might be an all-nighter. (Which is why I'm blogging?)

And that is why Owl City is being played right now. I've realized that Owl City is my all-nighter (or practically such, because I hope to at least get some sleep) music. That one night last semester when I had my first essay for Westover's class to write and had to do essentially all my research and write the paper between 10 p.m. and 1 p.m. the next day? Yeah. Spent/wasted quite a few hours listening to Owl City. And tonight after I got home from band instead of singing Robin Hood like I usually do after band, "Cave In" popped into my head. Probably because my head is about to cave in. But, you know, "every mushroom cloud has a silver lining." Only about an hour of German left. Hopefully. I can do this. I can. I can. I can. And then I'll be all caught up with homework. Until, you know...tomorrow. Such a depressing thought. I wish I was going to England in a month like I was last year. :(

(Alex Brown Photography)

I'll just keep my helmet on. This might get messy.

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Tracy said...

You CAN do it.