Friday, March 12, 2010


I am so glad it's Friday. This means that tomorrow I can:
  • Sleep in
  • Laundry-ify it up
  • Spiele Organ like my life depends on it (because my grade kinda does)
  • Attend a fabulous RS activity
  • Maybe actually do some other homework. Maybe.
  • Have no social life, because I'm hoping to practice Organ for at least 10 hours between today and tomorrow
  • Essentially I'm going to kill myself, but frankly, I get to sleep in until 10 tomorrow morning, so I'm perfectly content.
It was so hard getting up this morning because I felt something like this:
And because something like this:
was going on in my dream. Except I was at a cute boy's house for dinner. And while his older sister loved me, his dad didn't seem to like me that much...oh well. Only a dream.


Julie said...

Haha. I love those dreams!

Kent Dodds said...

Lol. I changed your plans a bit. I hope for the better!