Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Fall 2010

Every time registration rolls around, I seem to have forgotten how slow the BYU server is. I don't remember it being too bad when registering for this semester's classes...and aren't things like this supposed to get better when you're a senior in credits?

My conclusion is that BYU doesn't want me to ever graduate. If I can't register for classes, I don't take classes, I never graduate and I just stay at the Y forever. I can't decide how I feel about that right now.

Whatever BYU's views and my opinion on them is, however, the fact still remains that registering for classes is obnoxious and the bane of my existence. Picking them--not bad at all. I know exactly what I want to take, when I want to take it. It is simply the BYU server, pooping out on me, that is holding me back

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Kent Dodds said...

lol, when my brother Brett was in school, he wrote a program that would continuously apply for the classes he wanted until he got them (starting at midnight registration night). He always had the classes he wanted ;) Sorry, I'd do that for you, but I don't know how :S