Wednesday, March 3, 2010

O ye'll tak' the high road and I'll tak the low road

I just want to sit nice and warm on the couch looking out to Loch Lomond with the sun streaming in through the windows, after hiking Ben Lomond that morning...clean and invigorated and tired and more-than-content, with my journal in my hand and a blank page before me, ready to be filled with words and sketches of the loch and mountains before me.

But I feel like the times where I want to write the most I have nothing to write about and have so much else to do. Sigh. All I want to do is be in a youth hostel somewhere in the UK, writing and thinking and laughing and loving.

P.S. I now officially have a goal. I've signed up to do a writing marathon the weekend of March 18-20, where my entire focus is on writing. In that weekend, I am going to write and turn some of my half essays into 2 full essays. The end.


Kent Dodds said...

Good luck on your goal! If you need a water-boy, let me know! :D

wsb said...

Loch lomond calls to my soul almost daily