Sunday, October 24, 2010

On Personal Essays

Jen has to write a personal essay tonight. I wish that was my homework. I miss writing. I pulled up some of my stuff to have her read, to help give her some ideas, and got caught up reading it. Not to sound cocky, but some of it was really great. I'm a good writer. Why don't I write more?

Of course, the times when I feel most inclined to write are the weeks that I have absolutely no time whatsoever. Like right now. Gotta go read 50 bajillion (okay, so just 50) pages of literary criticism and a sociology chapter so that I can got to bed soon so that I can wake up early to write a response paper for Dr. Siegfried. And hopefully live through the week of craziness that will be fun and horrible and awesome and stressful all at the same time!

And all I want to do is write a personal essay. Or two. Or ten.

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