Saturday, October 30, 2010

Short Vignettes from the Past Week

Life has been crazy busy, and I've wanted to blog, but haven't had the time. So, here's my life in a nutshell, all the short blog posts I would have done. I think you'll agree that even though this was a hard, stressful, emotional (not necessarily in a good way) week, that in the end, the good far outweighed the bad.

After the doors opening an hour late, and standing outside in the rain and snow-hail without a coat, and then waiting for everyone to get in, and then for the opening act to perform, and then even more after that for Ingrid Michaelson, I was getting stressed out. I had so much homework to do and why was I there and I'm not going to get home until ridiculously late. But then she walked on stage and everything was better. Everyone sang along. Ingrid told funny stories about how she's really not that cool (proving that perhaps she's probably one the coolest, most wonderful people out there). And it was beautiful--Ingrid, the music, and people I had come with. Definitely worth every second of time not doing homework and all the sleep I lost. And then, because I had just listened to a talented musician who made me so happy inside, I didn't even hate driving home in the snow.

Othello. 3 movies. Wells, Olivier, and edited O. Awesome people in my group, and an awesome presentation idea. Only one more week and then it's done, which will be bittersweet and so releasing/relaxing all at the same time. Okay, so more the latter.

Halloween Surprises
I'm not a huge Halloween person. But I love it when all my roommates get excited about things, and when Kate freaks out about finally being able to be Velma and then offers to do my Belle hair. And when Jen's burn scar and eye-liner tattoo fit perfectly into her pirate costume and when Lisa has great ideas for our "Caramel Apple Pagan Party: A Secular Celebration." And when Jessie's hair is Jessie's hair and she's back in our apartment like she never was gone, and Landen wears the fedora that she made herself. And Michele looks classy and snaps pictures, just like always. I love seeing people's creative costume ideas around campus and at my apartment and enjoying how excited other people get at this time of year. But the thing I think I probably loved most about this Halloween was when a certain boy named Spencer decided he was going to walk in my door after telling me that he was really almost an hour and half north in his parent's car taking a 15 minute nap. I couldn't stop smiling and never wanted to let go of his hand. It had been 6 days (read: too long) since I'd seen him and I had thought that I wasn't going to get to see him until Sunday. It was one of those moments, when I turned around and saw him, jumped up and ran, and I just stood there hugging him, not believing that he was really there and that he hadn't told me he was coming. He said he wanted to surprise me. Well . . . it worked.

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Beth said...

So cute, Rachel! :) Spencer sounds wonderful.