Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Children of Eden

As cheesy and dorky as this may be, I am thankful for musical theater. Mus-i-cals. There. I've said it. At this moment, I am especially thankful to Stephan Schwartz for writing some of my favorite music on the planet, including Wicked and, the gem of tonight, Children of Eden, which I just saw BYU put on tonight (shout outs to Landen, Assistant Costume Designer, and Jeremiah, who played Japheth and was in my tap class last year and is currently in my ward, even though I don't think he knows who I am, haha). I am thankful for it and that I got to go see it, and that I got to see it with Christine and talk to her about it, and that I have a mind that soaks up things such as this and ponders them and enjoys them, and yet thinks and expands the show and its themes to fit my own life and compare them with my beliefs and learn and grow from something so seemingly-trivial as a piece of music, as a piece of literature, as a play, a musical. (Just for the record, none of these things are trivial in my mind. It just was the best word I could think of at the moment.)

More importantly, I am thankful for God, for a loving Father in Heaven, who is perfect enough to let us go for a short time, even though it is hard for both us and Him, because it is the right thing to do, and the only way for us to become like Him. I am thankful that He loves us enough to let us go, and that even when it seems like He is gone and not answering prayers that He is always there and that He will always answer eventually. I am thankful that He lets us choose and grow and BECOME, that we may be perfected and eventually return to Him to be with our Heavenly Father and families forever.

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