Thursday, November 12, 2009


"Today, I realised that my being British and living in Britain is a complete waste of british-ness. I am going to try and convince my Mother to move to the USA, where my british-ness can be truly appreciated. MLIA"

I am thankful for stupid websites and how they make me laugh. Today's choice is, where the above quote was found. It made me laugh. Goodness, as much as I love the good ol' US of A, I sure miss the UK.

Also. A new episode of Bones tonight. And then All's Quiet on the Western Front with John Bennion-ites. There is nothing more wonderful than spending a day being productive and then spending the evening watching Bones and a movie with friends and then going back home to be more-productive, because your weekend is crazy busy and involves a test, writing a paper proposal, hopefully starting to write a German paper that I should have started AGES ago, playing piano for a missionary homecoming of one of your best friend's brothers (whom you've never met), stake conference, and a camping trip to John Bennion's father-in-law's orchard with most of my England friends, during which we will each dutch over and have a bonfire and it will probably snow.

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Lisa said...

Yum. Also, the quote makes my life SO happy. Unfortunately, Brits over here don't seem to appreciate my American-ness as much. Hm.