Sunday, November 8, 2009

Lila's Book of Poetry what I am thankful for. It is beautiful. And it makes me slightly crazy sometimes. But it is all so beautiful. Sigh. I love beautiful words. And how beautiful words can make me feel. I am SUCH an English nerd.

"You dance inside my chest/where no one sees you" -from "In Your Light I Learn How to Love," Rumi

"I Can't Hold You and I Can't Leave You" by Juana Ines de la Cruz

I can't hold you and I can't leave you,
and sorting out the reasons to leave you or hold you,
I find an intangible one to love you,
and many tangible ones to forgo you.

As you won't change, nor let me forgo you,
I shall give my heart a defense against you,
so that half shall always be armed to abhor you,
though the other half be ready to adore you.

Then, if our love, by loving flourish,
let it not in endless feuding perish;
let us not speak no more in jealousy and suspicion

He offers not part, who would all receive--
so know that when it is your intention
mine shall be to make believe.

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