Thursday, November 19, 2009

Thankful #?

I am thankful that I have decided to skip Monday and Tuesday classes and to go home after Sacrament meeting on Sunday in order to spend more time with my family and friends from home. I am thankful that I am going to the Vocal Point concert tomorrow with Sarah Snow and that there is a football game on Saturday. I am thankful that I only have a test and a paper to do before I go home. I am thankful for a roommate who puts up with my mess. I am thankful for friends on missions who write me really long letters when they're bored out of their mind because their companion is sick and who make me laugh and send me goofy applications to fill out. I am thankful that Thanksgiving is in a week. I am thankful that Lisa and Emma, even though I could not be in Paris with them, spent practically all their time together talking about me. That's the next best thing, right? ;)

Oh, and we haven't done a song of the post in a while, so let it be: Here We Go Again, by Demi Lovato. I know, I know. Disney Channel star...but hey. I like the song. :)

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