Tuesday, November 3, 2009

I am a Copycat. Plus: Rice, Sun and Delicious Music

So. My England-friend Whitney is spending the month of November being grateful for things. And I rather like this idea. I probably won't post something every day, but probably most.

Also. Another friend does a "Song of the Post" everytime he posts something on his blog. And I want to start doing that too, although, once again, I probably won't do it every every single time.

Today, I am grateful for Rice packs. You know, the type you heat up in the microwave that spread warmth and goodness throughout your body and help relieve all sorts of pain and are just relaxing. Even though they smell kind of funny, mine brings me so much joy.

I am also grateful for warm November days that feel more like early October days. They make me happy--they have the chill of autumn days, but the sun is emitting warmth that makes it pleasant, not cold, and warms the soul as well. The sky is blue, but the leaves are almost all off the trees and crackle as the breeze sweeps them along the sidewalk and passing students tackle them with their feet. Because of that, that leads to my first....

SONG OF THE POST: Come On, Come Out. A Fine Frenzy. (Fun Fact: when Christine had me make a mix of songs that define myself, this was the opener) Also, while you're listening to A Fine Frenzy, go listen to You Picked Me as well, because I've had that song stuck in my head the past two days and it is another good one. :D

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