Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Mazel Tov

So, uh, hey, I really liked the way my last post turned out visually. It made me happy. Maybe I'm getting okay at this whole making my blog aesthetically pleasing thing. And yes, I feel the need to make it such.

Anyway. Periodically, my friend Whitney will hold 30 Minute Dance Parties at her lovely house. And, after missing the last one, I FINALLY went to one. Really, if you don't know Whitney Bush and have never been to a 30 Minute Dance Party, you are missing out. Short, sweet, simple, and rockin'. I love dance parties because there is great music, you get to dance, and even though some might say they're kind of awkward, everyone is just as bad at dancing as you are, and even if they're a million times better than you, guess what--they don't care! They just want to have fun. And you should too. I, for one, always feel like a horrible dancer, but so what? I laugh at myself and keep dancing because I love it. The end.

Song of the Post: I've Got a Feelin' by the Black Eyed Peas

(Please forgive the fact that this picture is not of anyone I know. Let's call the girls Sophie, Bianca, and Astoria. Anyway. I was going to put up pictures of my favorite dance parties, but I didn't feel like digging any up off of the hundreds of thousands of pictures they're among on Facebook.)

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