Monday, December 7, 2009


Right now I am at the point that I very often get to around this part of the year. I know and fully realize that tomorrow I have a Deutsch oral exam that I am not prepared for because I don't know vocab and a 900-word writing assignment about Christ and the Atonement in the D&C due in, well, D&C. And that I think I'm supposed to be workshopping in JB's class on Wednesday and don't have ANYTHING and that also on Wednesday I have another paper in 292 due that I haven't even started or really thought about and a Duetsch dictionary to do sometime before Thursday.

But instead, I'm not stressed out, because life is wonderful. And when I'm not stressed out it's hard to focus and concentrate on homework. Instead, I'm just sitting in the library thinking about:
  • the 5 great missionaries I just sent letters off to
  • freshman year parties down here in these very seats in Periodicals
  • The fact that it's snowing and it makes me smile and sing Christmas songs and go sledding and have snowball fights
  • A cute boy who makes me smile for no reason in particular
  • How my scarf is from Scotland and does not match my shirt at all
  • How much I love Christmas and Christmas lights
  • Last night, and how wonderful it was talking with these ladies whom I love so much, and seeing Christmas lights and drinking homemade hot chocolate and eating homemade peppermint bark and listening to the First Presidency speak about Christ and Christmas and singing Silent Night
  • Jenn and not judging and just laughing at each other and how I want to go to Berlin with her and will miss her and whistling with her
  • the job interview I have on Thursday for working at the Humanities Reference Desk in the library next semester
:D <--This is me right now. And it is making it very hard to do this --> @_@ (which is studying, haha). But I really need to start thinking now.

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tracy said...

You're going to do awesome on your OPI! And I love you too.