Thursday, December 24, 2009

Happy Christmas

Today my family went caroling around to people in our neighborhood. The new older couple who lives on the kind-of-corner in the newest house on the road mistook my brother Matt (almost 18, senior in HS, 7ish inches taller than me, etc.) for my boyfriend. AWKWARD.

But other than that, today's been great. Hannah puts presents right old the tree where they go and says, "Merry Christmas!" although it comes out more like "*some indistinguisable sound* mis-mes!" I went to Winco with Matt, and we had to call Mom like 20 times to clarify her list or because we couldn't find anything, and we bought 12 gallons of milk and it felt like I was home. It is amazing how much food my family goes through. I suppose that's what happens when you 1) have 10 people, 1 of which is a teenage boy and 2) it's Christmas time. Seriously. In my family's 3rd trip to the grocery store, I spent about the same amount that I do in about a month down at school. Of course, I don't really eat at school for multiple reasons, but still. Anyway. Last night I went Christmas shopping with my best mate and visited Chip at work at Target and then met her at Coldstone after her shift was over, and then Linds and I watched Star Trek. I've been spending the past couple days making cookies with my siblings, wrapping presents, convincing kids they can wait the last day before Christmas to open them, and as the presents have been piling under the tree sneaking my first peak at what all is under there. I just love Christmas. It's beautiful in every way. Mostly because of the gospel and my family. For example, Christmas tags under our tree read: "To: Mom. From: Leroy?", "To: Hannah Idaho. From: Michael Scott", "To: Mafoo. From: RAM." "To: Elizabdhgaklthqwtyklq. From: Pinky the Elf." It's fabulous. Lots of laughs, lots of love. :)

Now I need to go decorate cookies for Santa. But Merry Christmas! Remember that we are celebrating the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ, and that He lives and loves us.

Silent Night, Holy Night.
Son of God, Love's pure light
Radiant beams from Thy holy face
With the dawn of Redeeming Grace.
Christ, the Savior, is Born!
Christ, the Savior, is Born!

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