Monday, December 7, 2009

News of the day:

  1. It's snowing! A couple reasons this is exciting: it wasn't snowing in the mountains when I drove back to Provo from Twin. Most people think of me and the snow as mortal enemies, but I love it when it is between Thanksgiving and Christmas aka NOW.
  1. CHRISTMAS CHRISTMAS CHRISTMAS CHRISTMAS CHRISTMAS! After cutting the tree last week, having it up in the house this weekend, and the First Presidency Christmas devotional on Temple Square with some of my best friends and hot chocolate and peppermint bark and Christmas lights and Christmas carols last is officially Christmas season.
  1. My brother got baptized on Saturday and I got to be there and it was exciting.
  1. If Bentley can make it to soccer on Wednesday--no matter how late--he passes the class. This is epic. We have been religiously following the tale of Bentley and his soccer class in Writing with John Bennion.
  1. School is crazy crazy and I should be stressed out, but I'm not and I'm still deciding whether that is a good thing or a bad thing.
Yes, I realize those are all number 1. Also, can I just tell you how excited am I to go to Special Collections for 292 today? I love Special Collections and I love literature and so therefore this class period equals awesome. The end.

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